Current postdocs or other affiliated researchers

Note that NIMBioS postdocs develop independent research projects and have two mentors. Some work intensely with one, both, or neither of their mentors.

Graduate students in lab

  • Sam Borstein
  • Jenn Bosco: Co-advised with Susan Riechert
  • Katie Massana
  • Orlando Schwery
  • Rosana Zenil-Ferguson: Rosana is a student at University of Florida, not here, but is visiting the lab for a few months. Her advisors are José Miguel Ponciano and Gordon Burleigh [who was a postdoc in Mike Sanderson’s lab while I was a grad student there]
  • Maybe you? Note that while our lab does mostly method development and application, we have active collaborations with more empirical labs. Students may be co-advised so they can have an empirical portion of their dissertation (this is a good idea in many cases). Many of the people contributing the most to methodological advances in our field started doing only empirical work and moved more to methods development with time, and this is a possibility for students I co-advise.

Undergraduates in lab

  • Christian Yarber

Other lab associates

  • Heather Bird Jackson: Heather is a research associate professor in the EEB dept. who interacts frequently with our lab.

Past postdocs

Incoming postdocs or research affiliates

Graduate student committees

  • Will Atwood: Sumrall student, UTK Geology
  • Sharon Clemmensen: Hulsey student, UTK EEB
  • Troy Fadiga: Sumrall student, UTK Geology
  • Mauricio Gonzalez-Forero: Gavrilets student, UTK EEB
  • Phillip Hollingsworth: Hulsey student, UTK EEB
  • Will Howell: Gilchrist student, UTK EEB
  • Bryan Looney: Matheny student, UTK EEB
  • Ivan Juric: Gavrilets student, UTK EEB
  • Katie Massana: Schilling/O’Meara student, UTK EEB
  • Max Rupp: Hulsey student, UTK EEB
  • Geetha Saarunya S: UTK GST
  • Leonidas Salichos: Rokas student, Vanderbilt
  • Jordan Utley: UTK GST

Past Google Summer of Code students on lab-related projects