Mentoring, Postdocs

I have mentored numerous postdocs off of my own grants and/or as one of their chosen NIMBioS mentors. Note that NIMBioS postdocs pursue independent research projects but choose one faculty member to mentor them in math and another to mentor them in biology (I have served in both roles).

Name Duration NIMBioS Current Position
Hugo Alamillo 2011-2012 N Assistant Professor North Seattle College
Barb Banbury 2010-2012 N Statistical Analyst at Fred Hutch
Jeremy Beaulieu 2012-2016 Both Assistant Professor at U. of Arkansas
Juanjuan (JJ) Crosskey (formerly Chai) 2011-2013 Y Member of Comparative Genomics group at Oak Ridge National Lab
Nathan Jackson 2013-2016 N Researcher at National Jewish Health
Tony Jhwueng 2009-2011 Y Assistant Professor Feng-Chia U., Taiwan
Sandy Kawano 2014-2016 Y Starting as Assistant Professor at CSU Long Beach in Aug. 2017
Michelle Lawing 2012-2014 Y Assistant Professor Texas A&M
Ryan Martin 2012-2013 Y Assistant Professor Case Western U
Nick Matzke 2013-2015 Y DECRA Fellow at The Australian National University in Canberra
Megan Rua 2015-2016 Y Assistant Professor Wright State U
Sergei Tarasov 2016-present Y NIMBioS postdoc

Mentoring, Grad students in my lab

Name Stage Time in Lab Note
Sam Borstein PhD student 2014-present
Jenn Bosco PhD student 2012-present Co-advised with Susan Riechert
Katie Massana PhD student 2012-present
Orlando Schwery PhD student 2014-present

Mentoring, Undergrad students in my lab

Name Stage Time in Lab Note
Nicholas Gladstone Undergrad 2016-present
Christian Yarber Undergrad 2015-present

Mentoring, Grad student committees

In addition to my own students, of course.

Name Department
Will Atwood Geology
Jen Bauer EEB
Sharon Clemmensen EEB
Troy Fadiga Geology
Aaron Floden EEB
Mauricio Gonzalez-Forero EEB
Alannie-Grace Grant EEB
Phillip Hollingsworth EEB
Whitaker Hoskins EEB
Will Howell EEB
Ivan Juric EEB
Cedric Landerer EEB
Jasper Lee Microbiology
Bryan Looney EEB
Liam Mueller EEB
Tyson Paulson EEB
Todd Pierson EEB
Ryan Rooney EEB
Max Rupp EEB
Geetha Saarunya S GST
Leonidas Salichos Vanderbilt
Marisol Sanchez-Garcia EEB
Sarah Sheffield EEB
Jordan Utley GST
Jess Welch EEB
Rachel Wooliver EEB