This is all in addition to other funding my students have gotten (NSF EAPSI grant, fellowships from NIMBioS and PEER (an NIH-funded program at UTK), Google Summer of Code funding), funding for workshops or working groups (from NIMBioS and the Society for Systematic Biologists), and funding I got before my faculty position (NESCent postdoctoral fellowship, NSF DDIG, NSF GRF, and various internal grants at UC Davis). Total external funding, so far, as a faculty member is $2,887,182.

Year Title Funder Amount
2019 Collaborative Research: Novel framework for estimating continuously-varying diversification rates Directorate for Biological Sciences $193,401
2018 Phylotastic subaward University of Maryland $165,492
2017 DISSERTATION RESEARCH: Morphological consequences of trophic evolution Directorate for Biological Sciences $19,630
2015 CAREER: Reducing barriers for comparative methods Directorate for Biological Sciences $738,297
2015 Collaborative Research: ABI Development: An open infrastructure to disseminate phylogenetic knowledge NSF $148,101
2014 Population genetics-based codon models NSF $470,000
2013 R interface to Encyclopedia of Life (Rubenstein Fellowship) Encyclopedia of Life $50,000
2013 Collaborative Research: Phylogeographic Inference Using Approximated Likelihoods NSF $340,000
2012 rPlant iPlant $98,252
2012 Historical naming traditions and cryptic speciation bias biodiversity estimates in transatlantic agaric fungi NSF $393,074
2011 iPlant: Trait evolution group, year 2 iPlant $138,590
2010 iPlant: Trait evolution group, year 1 iPlant $132,345