I went up for tenure in 2014-5 and was awarded it in 2015; at the suggestion of colleagues in the department I went up for promotion to full in 2018-9. My CV highlighting products only created since my tenure packet went in (the work that is the main focus on the promotion decision is in black text, the earlier work (summer 2014 and earlier) is in gray) is here. This attempt for promotion was successful, and as of August 1, 2019, I am now a full professor at the U of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Note in 2019: This is kept online in case it helps others going up for promotion to have a template. Remember the bias we often have when looking at things like this: many of us tend to focus on the things where we’re “not as good” as the template, but ignore the many cases where we are actually “better.” I’m not sure that this particular document will create such feelings, but know that it’s likely I’d feel the same reading your packet.

Promotion packet PDF

CV showing differences since tenure PDF


Key papers

A welcome and increasing trend is for folks to read intensely a few papers to get a sense of a scientist, rather than (or in addition to) looking at count, impact factor of the journals published in, etc. For those doing this, these are good papers:

Promotion process

The process involves discussion and decisions based on the promotion materials (provided by the candidate and also review letters), plus information generated at each level (votes, summaries of decisions). The levels involved are:

  1. Full professors in the department

  2. Department head

  3. College promotion and tenure committee

  4. College Dean

  5. Provost’s office

  6. President

  7. Board of trustees