Useful links

Keeping sets of useful links has gone out of vogue, but I keep searching for the same things again and again. So, aggregate:


  • Fast Rmarkdown websites (rmarkdown::render_site()):
  • Figure out what dependencies are needed when making an R package:
  • drake: awesome way to handle batch analyses: Also see its manual:
  • ropensci have a ton of useful packages:
  • rorcid is a way to pull info from the Orcid repository of information: for the package, my Orcid page is at (free, get your own)

Other software

  • I usually use httrack to download entire websites, but looks interesting (pulls down javascript, too)
  • NSF Jetstream, cyverse for running analyses.

Diversity in science

  • National Academy report (you don’t have to buy it – go to the download free pdf or read online links):
  • Overview of sexism facing women (links to many studies, good way to find evidence):
  • Julie Libarkin’s database of academics with evidence of misconduct:
  • Spreadsheet of codes of conduct and ethics for scientific societies:
  • SafeEvolution website:
  • Poster on behavior at Evolution:
  • Responses to 10 common criticisms of anti-racism action in STEM


  • Distressed faculty and staff: 865-946-2273
  • Distressed students: 865-974-4357
  • Resources (discounts, child care options, policies, etc.):
  • Title IX reporting:
  • Bias reporting:
  • Campus map (note it includes info like lactation rooms, accessible building entrances):
  • Campus dining hours:
  • Academic calendar:
  • EEB department:
  • Local newspaper: (they often have deals – support local journalism if you’re able)
  • Inside of Knoxville: blog about goings on downtown. See the ten day planner:
  • Lawyers in Knoxville: Legal aid of East TN, Knoxville Bar Association find a lawyer service. Groups like the ACLU may also be helpful for some legal questions.


Image from Newfound Gap in the Smokies
  • My academic ancestors and descendants (the latter is more diverse):
  • Webcams of the Smokies:
  • Also see R section.